Display featured image for a post or page

Featured images are used as social media preview images and are also displayed on top of the post. Use the following frontmatter to add a featured image for a post.

  url: "/images/your-image.png"
  alt: "Flying carrots"

Hide post summary

If you want to hide the post summary on the post list page, then add the following to the post frontmatter.

showsummary: false

This option might be useful if you have a featured image for the post and want to hide the summary on the post list page.

Display table of contents

To display table of contents for a long page or post, add the following option to the frontmatter of the post or page.

toc: true

The example for this is the table of contents on this documentation page. Look up.

Hide read time

To hide read time, use the showreadtime in the frontmatter of the post or page.

showreadtime: false

Hide date

To hide the date for a post or page, use the showdate option in the frontmatter.

showdate: false

On section pages like this, you will notice a small link above the page title that leads back to the section page. This link is only displayed on non-post pages. This link can be hidden by using the below option on the page’s frontmatter.

sectionlink: false