– This post is a work in progress. These are my notes from reading the Traction book

On choosing metrics for traction channels

Traction book: Channel metrics that matter

Traction channels

Traction book: Targeting blogs and Publicity

Traction book: More on Publicity and Search Engine Marketing

Traction book: More on Search Engine Marketing

Traction book: Display Ads and Social Ads

Traction book: Offline Ads and SEO

Traction book: Content Marketing and Community Building

Traction book: Email Marketing

Traction book: Viral Marketing

Reference: List of tractions channels

  • [DONE] Targeting Blogs
  • [DONE] Publicity
  • [DONE] Unconventional PR
  • [DONE] Search Engine Marketing
  • [DONE] Social & Display Ads
  • [DONE] Offline Ads
  • [DONE] Search Engine Optimization
  • [DONE] Content Marketing
  • [DONE] Email Marketing
  • [WIP] Engineering as Marketing
  • [DONE] Viral Marketing
  • [WIP] Business Development
  • Sales
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Existing Platforms
  • [WIP] Trade Shows
  • [WIP] Offline Events
  • Speaking Engagements
  • [DONE] Community Building