Record video and audio separately when demoing code

  • Write a script to follow and record the video first.
  • Then record the audio.

Record audio and video together for web or app demos

This helps with reducing time since multiple retakes are (mostly) not required.

Do not bother about a scene being longer in the audio or video

  • If audio is longer, the video can always be frozen to slow down and match the audio’s speed.
  • If the video is longer, then increase pace of certain parts of the scene (like typing) OR cut certain parts that are not important to showcase in the video - like typing boilerplate code.
  • Code that is not the focus of the topic can be copy-pasted into the video as boiler plate. Just mention what the code does. “Lets copy-paste this code here. This helps with bla bla bla…"

It is OK to make mistakes in the same take

  • Multiple takes not required if I make mistakes or if there is unexpected noise. Continue on by repeating the content in the same video.
  • The mistakes can be edited/removed during the edit process.